My name is Sarah Glenn, and I am a junior here at South. I am majoring in Strategic Communications and minoring in Sociology. I am from a small town in Mississippi.

For me, the purpose of a blog is a platform where one  can write and express themselves in any way that they see fit. I have multiple blogs where I talk about events, politics, and sometimes, just go off on my own tangent about something I may have a strong opinion about.

I read a lot of blogs for young women and the different challenges they face daily. These can be problems concerning school, work, or struggles in their walk with God. It is refreshing to see people going through the same problems that I am, but handling them in a different way than I would, so their insight is much appreciated. My favorite blog is “”, but I also follow a number of fashion blogs as well.

As one who is very engaged in politics, blogs are a useful tool for one to spread their political message. With the presidential election this year, people can spread the messages of their party or favorite candidate in order to recruit more supporters. Political blogs are some of my favorites because I like learning why people feel a certain way about something that I feel differently about.

Get Started, Learn WordPress was a very useful article that helped me when setting up my account. I have used Google Blogger and Weebly, but never this website.

I am thrilled to have another blog and to be actively writing. This will be an exciting semester, and I am looking forward to it.


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