Module 2


There are many “do’s and dont’s” when it comes to blogging. It’s important to remember to include a domain name, a blogging persona, a blogging platform, blog design, and hosting for the blog! Those are just a few of the beginning steps in order to ensure the successfulness of a blog, per Great Blog Content Starts Before You Actually Write Anything!.

In my blog posts for CA 260, I’ll remember to keep these fresh and updated. People read things that appeal to the eye. As a strategic communications major, marketing plays a huge role in my future career, so therefore, I know the importance of visual aids and their role in brand identity (in this case, blog identity).

For blog success, it is important for a blog to contain not just good content, but great content! The goal is for the blog to rank well in search engines, engage the audience, and increase page views. Content is the most important thing within a blog; without good content, the blog will ultimately fail.

There are numerous types of blogs that will make for a good post, and some of these are video interviews, incredible headliners, “best of’s”, practical advice, list posts, review posts, how to’s”, off topic posts, testimonials, and all around journalism.

I will make sure that my blogs are interesting, eye-catching, and full of relatable content.

I am looking forward to creating content that attracts different readers from different backgrounds. I am confident that I will learn a lot to incorporate into my other blogs as well.


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