Writing and Managing Email

Creating filters in an email is a handy trick that can be done to filter through all the different emails that come in daily. I get a number of emails from a variety of senders, and I am glad that there is a way to filter through those junk emails that I do not want […]

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I am lucky enough to serve my chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta as the Vice President Recruitment! This past weekend, I went to the University of Georgia for a conference on recruitment, where I learned so much! It was great meeting sisters from all over the South, especially from bigger, SEC chapters. The Gamma Alpha […]

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Week 7- Web Accessibility

Web accessibility is defined by making it possible for people with disabilities to access the web. According to W3C- Accessibility ,The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities sees access to information and communications technologies, including the Web, a basic human right. Therefore, all online content must be able to be accessed […]

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Week 6

In the video “How to design a killer home page“, the speaker goes over multiple tips that he uses in running his business. For his career, he designs websites for companies and ensures that they are successful in conveying exactly what that company wants, whether it is to sell something or provide information on a […]

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