Week 6

In the video “How to design a killer home page“, the speaker goes over multiple tips that he uses in running his business. For his career, he designs websites for companies and ensures that they are successful in conveying exactly what that company wants, whether it is to sell something or provide information on a subject. He seems very experienced and it is evident that he loves his job.

The main five tips I got from the video were to really think about the design, make sure that the homepage really displays my brand identity and pops, that the homepage functions as a table of contents, the homepage shows exactly what I am trying to sell (in this case, myself, to a future employer), and that the homepage is connected to the main offer of the site.

I find these tips really helpful! It is important to keep the website focused on its main job. I realized that the homepage is extremely important to keep updated. With an easy on the eyes homepage, viewers will want to click around to other links on the website, and then find out more about me. When I make my website, I will make sure to dedicate a lot of time to the homepage in order to make it look the best it can. I want it to be very organized and neat, but also one that is interesting and provides insight on who I am. I am looking forward to getting started on it!


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