Writing and Managing Email

Creating filters in an email is a handy trick that can be done to filter through all the different emails that come in daily. I get a number of emails from a variety of senders, and I am glad that there is a way to filter through those junk emails that I do not want to read. I didn’t know how to do this previously, and I’m sure it will be a useful tip!

It is important to know how to write and manage email correctly. There are many rules that must be followed to appropriately write an email to allow accurate construing from the sender and the recipient, according to How to Write Clear and Professional Emails. These include keeping them short with around five sentences, getting to the point, including pleasantries while sticking to a standard structure, using the active office, proofreading, refraining from using emoticons, chat abbreviations, or colorful fonts and backgrounds, and writing like you usually speak.

If I had to leave class early and I wanted to let my professor know beforehand, this is an example of an email that I would send to them, explaining why:

Hi, Dr. Sheffield,

I hope you are doing well. I wanted to inform you that I will have to leave class early next Tuesday, March 8th. If possible, could you send me an outline for the class so I will know what I missed out on? If that is okay with you, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for all of your help with this.

Thank you,

Sarah Glenn


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