Module 9

Everything we post on the Internet is now easily accessible to anyone who wants to view it. There are multiple ways around any type of privacy stipulations we may want to use on our online content, and those with any type of advanced Internet knowledge will know how to access it. According to What does your […]

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Module 8

There are many different online resources that are available to help beginners in HTML and CSS coding. These websites can be free or they will require a fee, which can range anywhere from a low to high price. They can be interactive or not, or based on text or video. However, nearly all of the […]

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Nancy Reagan

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan passed away Saturday of congestive heart failure. She was the ideal First Lady and her values were of those that encompass everything a First Lady should stand for. She was philanthropic and supportive, but knew when to intervene in the best interests of her husband. Many people will agree that […]

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Module 7

If someone was to ask me what content management system I recommend out of WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla, I would have to say WordPress. I have used WordPress multiple times, in my classes and for personal use. I have not used Drupal or Joomla, but from my experience with WordPress and the information found in Which […]

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Softball played an instrumental role in my learning of self discipline and the importance of working with teams. I played for over 14 years, and during that time span, I can’t remember a single week where I didn’t have practice or a game. I developed a love for the sport that I still carry with […]

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