Module 8

There are many different online resources that are available to help beginners in HTML and CSS coding. These websites can be free or they will require a fee, which can range anywhere from a low to high price. They can be interactive or not, or based on text or video. However, nearly all of the websites provide valuable help regardless of their cost and style.

According to Web design training: the top 22 online resources, there are sites that help users with creating codes, online stores, developmental books, and other aspects of the art of web design.

For me, the most useful websites would be Code RacerCSS Tricks, and the others that help with HTML and CSS coding and formatting. As I am learning to correctly format and create websites, there are numerous codes to learn that I can implement into my own website.

CA 260 would be an entirely different course if it was taught completely online. I am a very hands on and visual learner, so having class time is instrumental in my success in the class. In a class that focuses on HTML and CSS coding, I have been able to learn how to properly format websites with the guidance of my professor. I would definitely not enjoy the class as much because I truly value my class time.

Many students take online classes and like them because they are not required to be in a certain place at a certain time, but I enjoy being in class as it helps me to learn better.


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