Module 9

Everything we post on the Internet is now easily accessible to anyone who wants to view it. There are multiple ways around any type of privacy stipulations we may want to use on our online content, and those with any type of advanced Internet knowledge will know how to access it.

According to What does your internet profile say about you?, Eric Schmidt, a chairman for Google, says that “This is the first generation of humans to have an indelible record” in a book that he wrote. We are the first generation of people that have more than just criminal records and news appearances online- we have our thoughts, ideas, feelings, and in some cases, updates of what we are doing throughout every minute of our day. Based on the actions of some people, this can be a scary concept: a future employer may not like what he or she sees based on this. It is important to remember that we want our digital footprint to be a positive one.

As a future professional, I do not think that this will affect my career. I have always been mindful of what I post on the Internet and what others tag me in, and I like to make sure that it is representative of who I am.

Changes in the way we view privacy will ultimately affect society. Typically, every kind of change, big or small, has some affect on society and I am sure that the way we view privacy will as well.


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