News Blog #1

With a passion for the political realm and all things concerning the presidential election, I am fascinated by the change in campaign structure that has occurred in the United States in the past 240 years. In the past, presidents were elected by who they were, their ideas, and their moral statute. Now, the moral obligation that we expect presidents to have is gone. It seems that all politicians end up with a record of corruption the longer that they are in politics, especially the candidates in the election this fall.

According to the Washington Post, this is the worst presidential campaign in modern history. Writer Ed Rogers says that in the past, good candidates were stuck in a flawed election system, but this year, bad candidates are stuck in a bad system. In fact, they are running what could be called the worst campaigns ever. Headlines are full of lies and disconnect from what is actually going on.

In the past, campaigns were ran with morals, but now it seems much easier to just run a negative campaign that is constantly giving the media something to talk about. Instead of candidates focusing on what problems they want to solve, they focus on the next thing to say in the media to boost their ratings, and have no worry about being perceived as a “good person”.

It is interesting to follow the path that campaigns are going down and the differences in how they are ran during each election year.



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