Non-Presidential Campaigns

Although right now our media is taken over by the presidential election, Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton, there are other important campaigns going on in the country as well. These can be local, regional, state, or even national non-presidential campaigns. It is important that we are informed of what all goes on in these, so […]

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Candidate Surrogates

According to┬á, Michelle Obama may be Hillary Clinton’s best surrogate on the campaign trail. Michelle Obama has given countless speeches on why Trump should not be voted as president, and why Clinton should be. Michelle Obama’s approval ratings are steadily higher than Trump’s, Clinton’s, and even her husband’s. She is a likable, well-respected woman that […]

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Political Candidates- Week 4

This week, in my CA 453 class, we discussed the history of political candidates and the current ones, Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton. No matter which ones win or lose, they still play a role in shaping the country. In order for these candidates to win, they must gain a lot of high […]

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Reading Post- Week 4

During an election year, political candidates are some of the most watched people in America. This year is no different. Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton are constantly under the microscope of the media as they are competing to be the leader of our country. Although it seems that they are far […]

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Week #3 News Post

Speechmaking is one of the most important things a politician should learn to perfect when he or she is hoping to be elected into an office. Not only are the hopeful’s plans important, but they are presented plays an equal role on the path to success. In a recent big speech this week, Republican party […]

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