Reading Post- Week 4

During an election year, political candidates are some of the most watched people in America. This year is no different. Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton are constantly under the microscope of the media as they are competing to be the leader of our country. Although it seems that they are far away from us, through their writing and speeches we are able to gain a glimpse into who they are, their experiences, and their plans.

I recently read an excerpt of a book written by Hillary Clinton: Hard Choices, which is her memoir of her tenure as Secretary of State during which she faced a lot of fire for her decisions regarding a range of things, especially concerning Benghazi. It was very interesting and gave me a lot of insight into the incident and how she carried herself in the position she was in. I would like to hopefully read the entire book sometime soon as I am very interested in public offices and how they are served, especially at the federal level.

I also read an except from Donald Trump’s book, Crippled America, which Donald Trump talks about how he thinks America can be made great again. He mostly speaks about fixing infrastructure and how the investment to fix it will generate more income and jobs for people in the United States. He is very focused and speaks largely on what he has done and how his experience in business and finance will help him to be the best president.

Our presidential candidates for this year are very different in almost every aspect, and it will be exciting to see who the country chooses to lead us in the next four years.


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