Political Candidates- Week 4

This week, in my CA 453 class, we discussed the history of political candidates and the current ones, Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton. No matter which ones win or lose, they still play a role in shaping the country.

In order for these candidates to win, they must gain a lot of high profile endorsements. It has recently been a question for national attention whether or not retired military officers should be able to endorse presidential candidates, as described here.

I feel like military personnel should be able to endorse candidates publicly, speak for them, hype people up at their rallies, and whatever else they deem appropriate. I view national security and foreign policy as the most important things a candidate should run on, and no one else knows those better than people who have served the United States. There are military supporters for both Clinton and Trump, and they should be allowed to express their views however they want. They have given so much for the people in the US, and I feel like in no way, shape, or form, should their right to free speech be restricted, whether they were a basic airman or a chief sergeant.

Following political candidates and their campaigns is exciting for me, and this new unfolding in the media is one that will be interesting to see run its course.


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