Candidate Surrogates

According to, Michelle Obama may be Hillary Clinton’s best surrogate on the campaign trail. Michelle Obama has given countless speeches on why Trump should not be voted as president, and why Clinton should be. Michelle Obama’s approval ratings are steadily higher than Trump’s, Clinton’s, and even her husband’s. She is a likable, well-respected woman that people of all ages and political parties enjoy listening to.

During a speech at George Mason University, Michelle Obama spoke about what the character of a president should be like, the hardest parts of the job, and the tough decisions that presidents are faced with every single day. She tore down Trump and his personality without mentioning his name, but the crowd knew who she was talking about. She connected with the young people in the audience, speaking of how they are key voters and played a huge role in electing her husband in major battleground states in 2012.

Because of her likability and her way of connecting with those that she serves, she is quite the popular candidate surrogate- definitely Clinton’s most popular. She is able to bring in voters that are undecided or Republican who aren’t sure if they want to vote for Trump. If Trump wants to take down Clinton this November, he will also have to find a way to take down Michelle Obama, as having her on the campaign trail can be quite dangerous for him.


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