Non-Presidential Campaigns

Although right now our media is taken over by the presidential election, Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton, there are other important campaigns going on in the country as well. These can be local, regional, state, or even national non-presidential campaigns. It is important that we are informed of what all goes on in these, so that not only do we have strong national leadership, but strong local leadership as well.

One article, Chris Christie’s Use of Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey’s Gubernatorial Elections, outlined how Chris Christie dealt with New Jersey as their governor in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Some people thought he did a really good job, while others thought that he could have handled the situation a lot better. This plays a big role in elections and his reelection as governor of New Jersey. His leadership style was analyzed and either criticized or praised.  During this time, Christie was also able to work with President Barack Obama and encouraged bipartisan leadership.

In one 2012 speech following Hurricane Sandy, titled “Put People Ahead of the Party,” Christie explained that every citizen deserves to hear partisan arguments publicly, in order to develop his or her own opinions. However, he declared, “It’s got to stop when we need to get things done.” Christie expanded the definition of “fairness,” showing that he and other state leaders must give back and fulfill their executive duty for New Jerseyans.

Until that point, many people saw him as someone who would not work with members of the opposing party, but Christy defied that stereotype of him while pushing for his constituents.

It is so important for elected politicians to really serve their people, regardless of party. Growing up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, my life was severely affected by Hurricane Katrina. In the aftermath, President Bush came and worked with several families to start rebuilding, and my dad got to meet him!

Although politicians sometimes have tricky decisions to make, when they work for the good of their party, they will have a better chance of being reelected or running a better campaign.




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