GOP Financial Contributions to Save the Senate

In all campaigns, whether they are presidential, non-presidential, national,  regional, state, or local, they require a lot of financial support. Although the amount of money needed for a successful campaign varies for the size of each one, typically the more money invested in a campaign equals a greater amount of success.

In an article posted by Politico, Ted Cruz and other Republican leaders have been donating money to further the campaigns of other Republicans running for Senate seats in their respective states. Although Ted Cruz is up for reelection in 2018, he is already making a strong attempt to guarantee him serving in the Senate again. Other Republicans are making predictions that Cruz will do can and will do more to defend the 24 Senate seats that are up for election this November.

There are other ways to acquire funds rather than direct bank account transfers. Some other Senate and GOP leaders have started multiple fundraisers and give that money to the  National Republican Senatorial Committee, or NRCS. However, other Senators are not as giving as Cruz and are not donating to the NRCS, like Alabama Senator Richard Shelby.

Typically, those who donate to impact their party are more likely to win the election they are seeking, because of how well they are able to get their name out be more recognizable. Although most campaigns are not as big or expensive as presidential campaigns, they still boil down to having more money than the opposition.




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