Debate News Article

Debates, once informative and a near necessity to the presidential election cycle, have now become a form of entertainment, and, perhaps, mockery of certain candidates. The media has redesigned them into being a national spectacle for all viewers, with a lot of personal attacks and not much discussion on policy and ideology. Debates tend to give us more insight into the temperament and character of candidates, rather than getting to know their platforms.

However, vice presidential debates tend to run a little smoother and have more effective discussion; at least, the one between Mike Pence and Tim Kaine did. This may be due to the low profile of both VP candidates, but nonetheless, viewers found out more about them and their beliefs rather than their respective running mates. Most viewers say that Mike Pence “won the debate”, although I do not like the term “won” when used in reference to the debate, as it is not a contest to win. I would be completely open to redesigning the current debate structure in order to properly allow candidates to thoroughly explain their ideas and stances and rid it of the competitive culture.

Donald Trump claimed the victory for Mike Pence’s performance, saying that picking him as his running mate is a test to his good judgment and character, according to The New York Times. Trump is currently coming off a weak performance at the first presidential debate, and is looking to do better in the second one on Sunday, October 9th.


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