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Social media is playing a huge role in this year’s election process, as it should! Social media is taking over the world and plays a huge role in a lot of the American people’s daily lives. With al the money that presidential candidates spend on advertising and campaigning, why would they not utilize social media? It’s free, and has the potential for incredible reach!

According to an article by Fox 61, Social Media Influence in the 2016 Presidential Election, social media users have collectively spent over 1,284 years reading about Donald Trump on a variety of different platforms in the past year alone. He has been able to garner over $380 million in free exposure via social media, while Hillary Clinton has just shy of $100 million.

Social media’s influence in this election has stronger than it has ever been, with the use of hashtags and celebrities with high amounts of followers shouting out their favorite candidate. Voters have 24/7 access to the latest happenings in the campaigns, and are instantly made aware of good and bad situations. Potential voters are able to view polls, tweets, quotes, and videos by the candidate in an instant.

I feel that social media usage will only grow in the coming campaigns and elections. I am a fan of it, and I often use it to keep up with the latest things going on in the political world.




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