Direct Voter Contact

In 2008 and 2012, President Obama’s campaign team put together a great direct contact effort, which, in turn, won him the presidency for both terms.

According to The New York Times article Direct Voter Contact is Key to Boosting Turnout, presidential candidates Donald Trump (R) and Hillary Clinton (D), have been slacking on direct voter contact this year. They have placed more money into buying advertisements, instead of the more grassroots way of direct contact.

Direct contact results in more voters going to the polls. Sure, media advertisements have the power to reach more people and can influence their vote, but does not increase the likelihood of them actually going to the polls on Election Day. What increases the turnout of voters is the field game- knocking on doors, sending personalized mail, and making personal phone calls. However, this year, the presidential candidates have spent little to no money on their field game. Political consultants have made predictions that voter turnout is going to be exceptionally low this year and in midterm elections in 2018.

If political parties are really interested in the future success of their party, they will not only look at this election, but look ahead for upcoming ones as well. If they can start directly contacting more voters, they may increase their odds of having more voters come out and support their candidates.


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