Campaign Fundraising- Week 11

The overall success of anyone seeking a position through an election is linked to how much money their campaign has. Those campaigns with more money are more likely to win, according to Looking Beyond the Voting Constituency: A Study of Campaign Donation Solicitations in the 2008 Primary and General Election. According to this article, there are three main types of donors that are equally important to the campaign. These are: those who donate for solidary incentives, material incentives, and those who are ideologically driven.

Those who donate for solidary incentives are those who enjoy being associated with the candidate and campaign workers for social reasons. It may also be associated with a desire for access to the politician at a later date.

Those who donate for material incentives are those people who wish to gain influence with  congressional leaders for purpose of material gain. They mainly donate because of the material gains they receive in return for their money.

Some donors are ideologically motivated. They invest in the campaign and the candidate because they represent a certain movement or policy that the donor supports. These donors may also hope to voice their approval and support for a certain platform or standpoint the candidate has made in the election process.

Because donors fall into one of these three categories, a variety of ways to reach the potential donors are implemented by the campaign team. This can be direct contact through door knocking and tabling, impersonal direct emails and mailings, and more. However, with all the different ways to get in contact with the donor, direct mail seems to be the best approach to hopefully reach donors in all three of the categories.

Campaign fundraising is an important part of the election process. I know I have received countless emails asking for donations, which can be frustrating as a voter, but donations are necessary for the longevity of the campaign and the potential successfulness of it.


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