Presidential Ads in World Series Game 7

Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are both buying commercials for tonight’s Major League Baseball World Series game between the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians, according to CNN Money. The Trump campaign booked three thirty-second spots, while the Clinton campaign booked two thirty-second spots and one sixty-second spot. According to Fox, not all ad time is created equal. Only one of Trump’s ads is guaranteed to run at a certain time, while the others are considered floating ads and are just guaranteed to run during the program. All of Clinton’s ads will be floating ads.

The National Rifle Association, which has endorsed Donald Trump, will also be running an ad tonight as well.

The market price for an ad during the World Series Game 7 is $500,000. However, the campaigns did not pay that much, since broadcasters are legally required to give them the lowest unit price available during the weeks before the election.

However, it is obvious that both campaigns represent the importance of tonight’s game. This will be the most watched event on national television until Election Day. Media planners and observers are expecting a record audience of 30 million viewers, which will be the most viewers in the last 15 years.


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