Effects of Negative Advertising on Candidates

Effects of Negative Political Advertising and Message Repetition on Candidate Evaluation by Juliana Fernandes was a great read. It talked about presidential candidates and how they run negative advertisements on their opponents. Sometimes, this can be a positive thing and benefit their campaign, but more likely than not, after a certain amount of advertisements, it will start to benefit the opponent. When the target audience begins to see the opponents all the time, they become more inclined to have a positive look towards the campaign that the opponents wants them to look at negatively.

I find this research funny, because if true, it’s something our current presidential candidates have ignored. I constantly see negative advertisements by Donald Trump towards Hillary Clinton, and Hillary Clinton runs them towards Donald Trump. Not many of the campaigns are actually about the candidate’s ideas and plans, but are tearing down who the candidate is and what they did in the past. This election has truly focused on the past of each candidate, and never the future or what they want to accomplish.

I haven’t considered myself a huge fan of this election. As a Republican, I was not thrilled by the nominee that our party chose to represent us as president. I don’t like seeing all the negative advertisements either. I believe we should be much more focused on what we are going to do in the future and improve our country, rather than belittle others.

Advertisements are a huge part of campaigns. We see them all over the place- TV, billboards, cell phones, and sponsored ads on social media platforms. However, ad placements must be strategic and well thought out. No campaign manager wants ads to backfire and actually benefit their opponent, so they must be done in a way that only benefits the person or PAC who is paying for it to be ran.


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