The Path to the Presidency

According to The Washington Post, on the eve of the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton has enough electoral votes to win the White House in their final Fix map, before voting even begins. Either candidate must get to 270 votes to win, but if Hillary Clinton wins all of the states that are traditionally Democratic or […]

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Presidential Ads in World Series Game 7

Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are both buying commercials for tonight’s Major League Baseball World Series game between the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians, according to CNN Money. The Trump campaign booked three thirty-second spots, while the Clinton campaign booked two thirty-second spots and one sixty-second spot. According to Fox, not all ad time […]

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Direct Voter Contact

In 2008 and 2012, President Obama’s campaign team put together a great direct contact effort, which, in turn, won him the presidency for both terms. According to The New York Times article Direct Voter Contact is Key to Boosting Turnout, presidential candidates Donald Trump (R) and Hillary Clinton (D), have been slacking on direct voter contact […]

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Social Media News Blog

Social media is playing a huge role in this year’s election process, as it should! Social media is taking over the world and plays a huge role in a lot of the American people’s daily lives. With al the money that presidential candidates spend on advertising and campaigning, why would they not utilize social media? […]

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Debate News Article

Debates, once informative and a near necessity to the presidential election cycle, have now become a form of entertainment, and, perhaps, mockery of certain candidates. The media has redesigned them into being a national spectacle for all viewers, with a lot of personal attacks and not much discussion on policy and ideology. Debates tend to […]

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