Election Night Debrief

In a shocking victory predicted by almost no one, Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election and is the current president-elect of the United States. In the weeks leading up to the election, nearly all polls and major news sources predicted Hillary Clinton to be the winner. Even most Donald Trump supporters did not expect […]

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Campaign Fundraising- Week 11

The overall success of anyone seeking a position through an election is linked to how much money their campaign has. Those campaigns with more money are more likely to win, according to Looking Beyond the Voting Constituency: A Study of Campaign Donation Solicitations in the 2008 Primary and General Election. According to this article, there are […]

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Voter Contact- Week 10

In any campaign, from local to national presidential ones, voter contact is very important. Voter contact can be anything from polling to direct mail. Voter contact is necessary in the campaign process and has the potential to provide predictions that are usually very accurate in the election. According to George Gallup and the Rhetoric of […]

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Websites and Social Media

According to The 2008 Presidential Election, 2.0: A Content Analysis of User-Generated Political Facebook Groups, over half of potential voters aged 30 and older get a majority of their political information from Facebook. Social media plays a huge role in the election cycle, from the candidates’ personal social media accounts, such as Twitter and Facebook, to […]

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Presidential Debates

Presidential debates play a huge role in the election process in the United States. Although they are attempted to be portrayed as an insight into a candidate’s ideas and policies, The First 2012 Presidential Campaign Debate: The Decline of Reason in Presidential Debates by Robert C. Rowland, he makes the claim that debates do not truly affect […]

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Non-Presidential Campaigns

Although right now our media is taken over by the presidential election, Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton, there are other important campaigns going on in the country as well. These can be local, regional, state, or even national non-presidential campaigns. It is important that we are informed of what all goes on in these, so […]

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